Healing All

There is another, equally as important side of victimization within the church and Christian communities. When leaders fail  many of them are rejected, but what of their soul and the family many times, left struggling to pick up the pieces?  In the wake sins and deception there could be another child or children, a spouse or possibly even more extended family who will suffer greatly. Not to mention a church family and community that suffers as a result of these sort of sins and events. IMBKCAC understands that ALL wounds must be healed and encourages a full circle restoration plan, aimed at helping all of those involved find a place of peace and so that they can be healed, set free and delivered. 

There is too much at stake to simply allow a culture of silence to destroy the

lives that Christ has come to save and build.    

Take Action Through  IMBKCAC

Why? Because approximately every 6 minutes someone is sexually victimized. Some of that victimization occurs within the church community and many of the victims are unable to move to the next stage in life. Unfortunately, the  victimization that they experience doesn't just go away simply because others wish it to. IMBKCAC affirms that VICTORY over abuse of all forms is FOR all of them that have been hurt and are in need of healing.  This organization, your prayers and your support are a part of that process.