"This is also the first time that anybody from the (unnamed church) has spoken to us period" 
~ Survivor Sexual Abuse

(This is after a 15 year  period in which noone  from the church spoke to this victim.)

We are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. (Hos.4:6).  Education is the key to changing organizational culture. Silence is not only unChristian it is prohibitive to the healing process. IMBKCAC speaks to the organizational culture providing tools to influence positive organizational change. 

"What do I do now?"

Church review boards, councils and complaint processes can be intimidating and often confusing. IMBKCAC is a willing partner assisting in the complaint process  while promoting the necessary healing. Don't be silent. Be heard. Be made whole. 

Can your church assure members that safeguards and protocols are in place that protect them from abuse and manipulation? Your membership, growth, and status in the community could be directly impacted by failure to implement a plan. Why not? Families must protect themselves.


Founded in 2012, IMBKCAC has been in the making for many years. IMBKCAC has sought ways to provide help and healing to those who have been victimized within Christian settings and more specifically organizational and independent churches and groups. With a solid, principled, and Christ centered mission in mind, IMBKCAC is positioned to help the Christian community regardless of denominational affiliation. IMBKCAC believes that it is time that the servants of God extend their ministry to the hurting in a compassionate, biblically centered manner by any means necessary.